Results of Back alleys meeting 3 August

The key decision was to hold a clean-up morning for the alley at the back of Cross Street and that to consider further clean up mornings. These would be followed by a picnic lunch at a local pub. This will now take place on Saturday 3 September from 10.30 with a picnic in the Beehive from 12.30. The Council will do a sweep for dangerous litter – asbestos, needles, etc – first and will provide sacks for waste.

BackGarden will produce a standard letter to Landlords reminding them to inform new tenants of the waste and recycling procedures to avoid fly tipping, particularly when their tenancies expire.

Back Garden will ask the owners of the College site to play their part in the CRoss Street alley clean up by refurbishing the fence.

As an ultimate solution Back Garden will see if sponsorship from B&Q etc might be available to gate alleys only used by residents, for example the one at the rear of North Street. Implementation would depend on the agreement of residents and Back Garden would simply make the option known to them.

Further information on alleyway problems should be reported either to Back Garden, the Council or the Police. Maps to mark with problems or success can be downloaded here.


Aerial shot


One response to “Results of Back alleys meeting 3 August

  1. Swindon Counil have passed on a letter from Back Garden, inviting landlords and their Agents to join the network and offering help with recycling and fly-tipping around rented properties.

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