Back Garden Committee Meeting October 2014

Back Garden Committee

Back Garden Committee Meeting
Thursday 2 October, 1800hrs, ‘The Beehive’

Note of meeting

Cllr Dave Wood, Rob Tomkins, Alison Onlsow
Nancy Heath (Treasurer), Ashley Heath, Tracy White (Chair) and Peter Green (Secretary)

Matters arising
1. There had been no action following Graffiti Wall consultation.
2. Other issues are covered below.
3. Bank account now has £999.34 following further compensation from Lloyds.

Regents Circus Development
4. Traffic system and future impacts on traffic and parking.
It was agreed to hold a Meet the Officials (Councillor Dave Wood, Mark Walker SBC residents liaison and SBC roads/planning Official). This meeting to be in November. Topics to be covered will be the relationship of on-street parking to the new developments parking and misuse of the one-way system. The Rehoboth Chapel will be invited to attend.
Action: Tracy

5. Regent Circus pedestrian crossings
SBC have not replied to Tracy’s request for latest position and date of survey of users of the shared road traffic/pedestrian space. Currently the crossing goes nowhere because of the continuing work by ISG on the south side of the Circus.

6. Property damage
Peter continues to get requests from a resident on Edmund Street for ISG contacts.

7. Rehoboth Chapel
No further news.

8. ISG Communication
Communication has not been good over the summer. Pete Creese is still involved.

9. Planting & raised beds
Creese was less expansive over the details of this. It was agreed that Peter will try to deal direct with ISG’s Landscape Consultants. It was agreed that the trees were an issue for professionals (with residents help if necessary); the raised beds could be handled by residents and we could provide shrubs; the community garden required long-term management/commitment
Action: Peter to talk to ISG and get planting list for raised beds

Neighbourhood Issues
10. Recycling, Refuse and Plastic Collections
The usual need to inform new residents of the procedures.

11. General state of area and proposed ‘clean ups’
Alley from Swindon Road to Eastcott Hill will be cleaned, perhaps at the same time a small group to quickly cover whole area. This will be in November.

12. Interaction with other Resident Groups in Old Town area
Agreed to set-up meeting with them.
Action: Tracy

13. Graffiti
Peter will put SBC letter on Facebook and Tracey will ask for action by SBC on their property, eg bollards. Peter will get contact details from Ashfield Land for Morrisons and Cinema. Peter reminded the meeting that the Police had asked for photographs of tags and sightings of hooded figures late at night with rucsacs.
Action: Tracy and Peter

14. Newsletter
A newsletter will be produced and circulated before Christmas. We will use commercial distributors. Tracy will draft.
Action: Tracy

15. Castle Pub noise
It was agreed that too little is known of this issue, though the Globe creates noise from its garden. Tracy and Ash will visit the Castle and talk to Tina.
Action: Tracy and Ash

16. SBC Community Conference
Tracy and Ash will attend

Peter Green
4 October 2014.


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