Lorries and parking – Council action

The Council is reviewing all traffic issues in Zones D & E. They are now finalising the proposals created by Back Garden with Peter Greenhalgh and Gwillam Lloyd in the spring of 2010.

The problem we wanted to eliminate was heavy lorries using Propsect Hill, Western Street and Dover Street. In most cases the drivers of these vehicles claimed that had there been warning signs that wouldn’t have got stuck.

As part of the Prospect Hill work it was agreed that if Residents’ Parking was extended down towards the Cross Street junction it would make it more obvious to lorry drivers that this was a narrow road and of course help with the parking problem.

This has  been accepted. Back Garden has accepted the Council’s suggestion that a  information sign (white lettering on blue background)  ‘Road unsuitable for type of vehicle indicated’ be introduced at the start of the narrow streets.

A detail of the original plan was to replant the missing tree at the bottom of Propsect Hill, which would reinforce the feeling of narrowness and improve the street landscape. Back Garden has offers to sponsor this tree.


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