Monthly Archives: February 2012

Greening of Eastcott initiative agreed

A meeting of representatives of the three Eastcott residents groups – Kingshill, Back Garden and Queen’s Park – and Swindon Council yesterday agreed plans for green initiatives across Eastcott.

In the long term the three groups will survey their areas to identify existing planting – flowers, shrubs and trees – that need renewing and look at options for fresh planting.

In particular the the streets in the Clifton Street to Eastcott Hill area were felt possible candidates for new planting. One of the first steps in this case is to discuss options with residents, service providers and the Council before a draft plan is created.

In the short term the three Residents’ Groups will apply for a Jubilee Grant to bring more flowers in hanging baskets, window boxes and gardens to Eastcott as part of a ‘Blooming Eastcott’ celebration.


Points from Parking Consultation Meeting – Saturday

These points arose from Back Garden’s discussions with visitors to the consultation. The Council officials took away  more specific comments on the changes to Residents Parking .

1. Have some parking areas open to both Zones D & E, for example close to Eastcott Hill so that residents have opportunities to park close to their houses but in a different zone.

2. Need to provide better access to special permits for sick or infirm residents.

3. Need to display the actual rules for residents using Council car parks overnight and beyond this revisit these rules which seem to needlessly require the purchase of a small ticket.

4. Additional members of the Greening Eastcott initiative that would provide useful extra skills and opportunities.

5. Interest in a local history project to capture the first hand experiences of residents.

6. And a final parking issue. The chicanes on Western Street etc are not to limit speed but to provide ambulance staff, and others, with access to  the pavements. They are more like quaysides.

More in due course.

User Group for Savernake Community Hall

Back Garden calls for the creation of a Savernake Community Hall user group to support the Hall in the long-term. The group would allow users and the Council to build a constructive long-term relationship and help secure the future of this important facility.

Council installs narrow road signs

Road signs at the corner of Swindon Road/North Street, the entrance to Warwick Road and the entrance to Cross Street have been installed by the Council. The signs are advisory and will not bar removal vans or brewers drays accessing the narrow roads between Eastcott Hill and Victoria Road.

Narrow street sign

One of the new advisory road signs to help reduce damage to vehicles by large lorries in the narrow streets between Eastcott and Victoria Hills.

The signs together with extensions to residents parking are intended to stop large vehicles getting stuck in these roads and damage to parked cars.


Savernake Hall consultation to restart

The Savernake Hall consultation – over its management – will restart. Public meeting Thursday 23 February 18:00hrs.