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Eastcott Community Council and Back Garden proposal

Following a meeting last night a proposal for providing better support for the community was agreed.

The proposals are here Six principles for the future.

Please add your comments or email Back Garden


College roof lead thefts puzzle

Lead appears to continue to be taken off the roof of the College building that fronts Victoria Road, but sadly nobody seems concerned.

The matter has been reported to the Developers and the Police.

Planning meeting – Wednesday 28 September

It might be helpful if we met to consider what we should be doing in the next few months. Can you make a meeting on Wednesday 28 September at The Castle, North Street, at 19.30?

The key item on the agenda being how we should handle our relationship with the ECC? Earlier in the month Stuart and I met the Chair and Treasurer of the ECC (Daniel Collins and Peter Gallagher) and offered our help in ensuring that the the work of the ECC could continue in some way if they closed. I believe that the idea of working with Backgarden as a network was accepted by their meeting last week, but I am unclear exactly what was agreed. Hopefully things will become clearer in the next few days.

Beyond this, Scott has ideas for a Spring 2012 clean-up and barbecue at the community garden on Swindon Road. We also need to maintain the Cross Street back alley. And then there is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year too. In the short term I am seeing Mark Walker SBC this Wednesday morning to ensure that the narrow street signs do go up and that we can get the tree planted on Prospect Hill before the winter frosts. Any other trees need replacing?

And as they say, last but definitely NOT least we have another street representative. Jane Prince, who did some personal cleaning up of the college tree debris after last weeks high winds, has offered to be the rep for Warwick Road. This gives us eight reps, but we still have big gaps. King William Street, Swindon Road and North Street, for example. If you know anyone who might be interested in passing on info on things that concern their street and once in a blue moon sticking a flyer though doors, please ask them if they can help.

Peter Green

Duke of Wellington Pub – planning objection

The text of the Eastcott Community Council’s objection, sent to the Borough’s Planning Department, over the conversion of the Duke into housing is on the blog at ‘Your Concerns’

How Back Garden operates

There is  a ‘Statement of first principles’ for Back Garden under About Back garden here.

We look forward to your thoughts and comments.

What should Back Garden do next?

What should Back Garden do next? What are your priorities for our patch?

More residents parking!

The details of Council plans for residents parking, double yellow lines, etc,  as they affect Back Garden have been added to this blog at Traffic>Parking>Council plans for parking changes.