Note of meeting 28 September ‘The Castle’

Purpose of the meeting

1. The meeting was held to discuss how to support the residents west of Eastcott Hill and of collaborating with the Eastcott Community Council, following their meeting to consider closure. A note on the results of the discussions that directly related to the Eastcott Community Council and the future of Back Garden is here. This note covers the other topics.

2. Present were Peter Gallagher (Eastcott Community Council), Stuart Hibbert (Eastcott Community Council and Back Garden), Scott Tarbet (Back Garden) and Peter Green (Back Garden). Apologies were received from Toby Robson (Back Garden) and Ashley Heath (Back Garden).

3. The meeting then went on to discuss communications with residents and stakeholders in the area.
Action: Peter Gallagher and Peter Green

New legal entities, etc
4. Peter Green will follow–up the issues in the attached note that require Council clarification. Peter Gallagher will see if Ray Aldridge Vice-Chairman Eastcott Community Council is willing to remain engaged in the discussions and therefore clarify what are the present and future plans for the Eastcott Community Council. There was a lack of clarity on whether the Eastcott Community Council had closed or if it was running who represented it.
Action: Peter Gallagher and Peter Green

Communications and stakeholders
5. It was agreed that electronic communication should be supported by a dedicated telephone line that would if necessary act as an answerphone and relay messages to linked to emails.
Action: Stuart Hibbert

6. It was also agreed to create simple notice boards for displaying in pubs and other public places, eg The Baguette Shop.
Action: Scott Tarbett

7. The current range of stakeholders – Council officials, politicians, police, etc – should be extended to include schools, religious organisations, College site developers, brewers and landlords and estate agents.
Action: Peter will compile a revised stakeholder list

8. Stuart offered to book a slot in King William Street School’s Friday Morning Club.
Action: Stuart Hibbert

9. There was a brief discussion on the community pub proposal by Councilor Dave Wood. Peter Green agreed to write to James Arkell.
Action: Peter Green

10. Scott suggested linking with the Greenspaces initiative with regard to the various planting schemes on the patch and their maintenance.
Action: Scott Tarbett

Issues from Eastcott Community Council
11. Peter Gallagher briefed the meeting on issues that had been brought to the Eastcott Community Council’s attention. These were:

  • the graffiti wall on Savernake Street play area
  • the Savernake Street play area update

12. To these was added the alleyway between Hythe Road and the rear of Savernake Street as a possible clean–up candidate, if residents were in agreement.

13. Further action on widening the scope of Back Garden will depend on a responses from the Eastcott Community Council.

14. Activities for Back Garden that are booked are:

  • the ‘Back Garden Back Then’ exhibition at the Beehive in January and possible the Castle later
  • clean–up of the Swindon Road Community Garden and barbecue, 21 April 2012.

Peter Green
September 2011

Circulation: Attendees; Back Garden blog; Mark Walker, Swindon Borough Council; Daniel Collins; Police; local politicians


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