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Parking – Council help for residents

Back Garden has been told by a parking warden that the Council is turning a blind eye to cars left on car parks in Eastcott whilst the resurfacing is going on, but you should leave a note explaining that is why you’ve left your car with a Zone D or E pass on a car park over the next few days.

Barrie Hudson from the Adver was on the spot at the same time and more details will no doubt appear in the paper. This is a very helpful piece of support for residents from the Council and Back Garden’s only complaint is that it should have been made more widely known.

In the meantime – “Well done Council.”





Road resurfacing work

The Council will be resurfacing many of the Streets in Zone E from Monday 28 November. Letters to all houses have out from Richard Hedges, Head of Highways, Swindon Council.

The schedule, which may have to be changed at short notice depending on conditions is:

Monday 28 – 29 November
Swindon Road north to Warwick Road
Cross Street

Wednesday 30 November – 1 December
Swindon Road from Warwick Road
Rolleston Street south end to Prospect Place

Friday 2 December
Rest of Rolleston Street
Western Street from Swindon Road to number 56

Monday 5-6 December
Edmund Street

Residents’ Parking changes – review meeting

The Borough Council will hold a meeting to review the temporary changes in mid-February. The venue and date are to be confirmed, but are likely to be Savernake Street Community Centre and be from mid-morning to early afternoon on a Saturday. Back Garden will circulate the details as soon as we have them.

Feedback so far suggested that Zone E has freed up a useful number of spaces for residents. There is more work to be done on narrow street signs in the Zone, but first understandable the Council wants to resurface several streets that are in a very poor state of repair (see the separate post on the streets affected and dates for the work).

Zone D is  different, with many residents being surprised by the work. Of  particular concern are the changes to Eastcott Hill. Since the changes are covered by regulations that make them temporary, changes can be made. If you want to raise them with the Council before February Back Garden suggests that you write or email the Traffic Management Department of the Council or talk to one of the Eastcott Councillors – Dave Wood, Nicky Sewell or Stan Pajak. Their contact details are on the Council web site here.

Back Garden steps up a gear

Following the advice of Swindon Borough Council, Back Garden has reconstituted itself as a more formal entity. The objective is to be eligible for small grants from the Council and others to support our work on behalf of residents on the north side of Old Town hill.

The Constitution and the note of our first Interim Committee meeting is under the ‘About’ section here.