Note of graffiti briefing meeting, Wednesday 31 October

The meeting was held at the Globe at 19:00hrs.


Tam Dipper (Back Garden Committee), Rob Tomkins (Resident), Martin Newman (Resident), Frances Barrone (SBC), PC Jansen Carter, PCSO Cassey Evans, Peter Green (Back Garden Committee). Apologies were received from Scott Tarbet (Back Garden Committee), Stuart Hibbert(Back Garden Committee), Dave Wood (SBC) and Mark Walker (SBC).

1. The purpose of the meeting was to understand more about the graffiti problem in Eastcott and identify actions that residents could take.

2. Jansen provided an explanation of the motive of the perpetrators, ways to identify them and issues around Police actions. The Police have an audit of sites underway by Street Smart.

3. Tam interpreted the work done by the 23 Shillings consultancy on way to combat graffiti.

4. Rob and Martin gave examples of graffiti and action to remove it. The major factor that emerged from this was the apathy of owners of sites that had been hit and their unwillingness to get the Council to remove it.

5. Technical problems of graffiti removal were touched on which make it harder to persuade owners to ask for removal by SBC.

6. The Police asked for intelligence of graffiti and possible graffiti perpetrators. Flash photographs being taken late at night/early morning as graffiti was recorded by their creators, was one give away sign. Individuals or groups in hoodies or face scarves, dark clothes, gloves and back packs were possible graffiti suspects. Photographs or other information should be emailed to PCSO Evans <>. People are seen spraying walls should be reported by ringing 999. Back Garden will disseminate this request.

7. Back Garden will discuss with the other residents groups in the Ward the benefits of a public meeting to raise awareness and start to reduce the apathy of some andlords and residents.


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