Note of August 2015 Committee meeting

Back Garden Committee Meeting, 12.00, Saturday 8 August, Beehive

Note of meeting

Present: Sue Wigmore, Nancy Heath, Alison Onslow and Peter GreenApologies: Tracy White and Ashley Heath.

1 Matters arising
Regent Circus damage
No action yet by ISG. Peter is trying to get from the Party Wall Surveyor, Jonathan Miles.

Action: Peter Green

Large vehicles accessing Prospect Hill/Western Street
Peter reported on site meeting with Mark Walker SBC, Scott Tarbet and Andy Marcer. There should be no deliveries via Edmund Street, but the signage for the unloading bay on Byron Street is poor. We have asked for proposal from SBC for the 12 September open meeting on roads

Vehicles ignoring the one-way system continues. This too will be raised in September.

A 20 MPH limits around hill was suggested.

2. Finance report
We have £876 less the Savernake Hall deposit and plants for the two beds on Rolleston Street and Swindon Road. The refund for the room fee at Savernake was outstanding.

Action: Nancy Heath

It was agreed to consider an annual newsletter distributed commercially.

Action: Peter Green

3. Programme for the rest of 2015

12 September, Saturday, Beehive 11-14.00: Councillors and Council officials re Roads – parking including pavement parking, large vehicles, Regent Circus shared space, Regent Circus deliveries, etc

10 October, Saturday, Beehive 14.00-16.00: Meet your MP

14 November, Saturday, Beehive 11-14.00: Meet the Neighbourhood Policing Team

Now that the Savernake Halls are not available there was a discussion on other meeting rooms away from Prospect Hill. The old Seymour Clinic has meeting rooms also the Friends Meeting House.

Action: Sue Wigmore (Seymour) and Peter Green (Friends)

4. Housing
Houses in multiple occupancy were discussed. It was agrd to ask SBC for a simple statement on policy/legal and confirmation that no extra parking permits will be issued.

Action: Peter Green

5. Diaries

Dates of localities meetings, Peter has asked for a list from SBC. They are on the Council web site, somewhere.

6. AOB

Regent Circus shared space is causing problems for blind. It is difficult for everyone in the morning and evening rush hours

Parking on pavements should be an offence? Raise at the Roads meeting

Trash and recycling reminders should be issued by SBC.

Action: Peter Green

Peter Green

10 August 2015

Circulated to Committee members, Councillors and Mark Walker SBC Localities lead, and Blog, notification on Facebook.


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