Car crime in Eastcott

Back Garden held a constructive meeting with Swindon Police last night to be updated on the tyre slashing incident in February and car crime in general.

The Police were unable to make much comment on the tyre slashing case since their investigations are continuing. The three people arrested earlier remain on Police bail. Part of the delay is being caused by the number of statement that are still being processed. If your vehicle was attacked or if you can help the Police bring this case to a speedy conclusion please ring 101.

The Police have received 102 complaints relating to the incident so far. 62 came from Eastcott Ward. There have been more unrelated 2 car crime incidents since then and 4 incidents in 2013 before the tyre incident. The Police have never come across such a major and unexpected incident in Swindon before.

The Police asked that any suspicious incident be reported so that they can build a picture of potential problems and take appropriate action. The Wards PCSOs continue to actively walk their beat and the meeting confirmed that they are very visible in Eastcott.



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