Adver article 21 August

Residents call for lorries to stop squeezing down their street

People living on a steep street in Swindon have relaunched a campaign to stop lorries squeezing through their road. Prospect Hill residents are calling for measures to stop lorries hitting their cars as they drive up the hill. There are also concerns that emergency vehicles would struggle to drive along the road. Parking is banned at the bottom of the hill in Swindon, which deceives drivers into believing that the narrow road is wider than it is. When they round the curve of the road there are often cars parked on both sides and many lorries either get stuck or hit the parked cars.

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One response to “Adver article 21 August

  1. Backgarden will continue to push the Council to deliver on the plan agreed with Councillor Greenhalgh and Gwillam Lloyd Head of Highways Network on 2 July. The plan had three parts: road signs; extending parking and replacing missing trees where appropriate.

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