Now will it come down?

The redevelopment of the College Site cleared another hurdle on Tuesday when agreement was reached over the amount of money the developers will spend on environmental improvements.  Swindon Advertiser.

The work should of course have included a gate to prevent the new site become a late night through route between the bars of New and Old Town.

What work it will cover remains unclear.

Councillors have promised that the much-needed changes to the road system at the back of the site to eliminate the Swindon Road rat run; stop big lorries using Prospect Hill as a through route and remove the nonsensical double yellow lines that reduce still further the already scarce parking.

However since one Council official told Back Garden he had no idea why the double yellow lines were there and that we should ask nearby householders, many of us have little faith that action will be forthcoming in the near future.

In the meantime perhaps the Developers could ask a resident from the back Garden to start the demolition? I know many who could be available for tomorrow if asked.


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