Update on road problems in the Back Garden

Cllr Peter Greenhalgh has briefed Back Garden on the status of the plans to reduce the numbers of lorries using Prospect Hill, Western Street, Cross Street and other roads in Back Garden. The plan agreed with Cllr Greenhalgh and Gwillam Lloyd Head of Highways Network, Swindon Borough Council, in July remains in place. Given the current financial climate the Council would prefer that the work be undertaken as part of the redevelopment of the College site. Hopefully this will get under way in January.

The plan is for weight limit signs, 7.5 tons, to be placed at appropriate entrances to the area; car-parking be extended to prevent the start of streets looking bigger than they are further up; and where necessary replace missing trees at the strategic points agin to make it clear that the area is a domestic one and unsuitable for large vehicles. “The weight limit signs allow access for removal lorries and other vehicles needing to reach properties. The signs are aimed at the through traffic, of which we see far too much”, said Peter Green, Swindon’s Back Garden.

Back Garden is also carrying out a review of double and single yellow lines to provide officials with indications of where over-zealous yellow-lining is limiting residents parking. If you have any comments on this please add them to the blog.


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