Back Garden Committee Meeting July 2014

Note of the The Back Garden Committee that met on Saturday, 12 July 12.30pm at The Beehive.

Apologies from
Sue Wigmore and Alison Onslow

Nancy Heath, Ashley Heath, Rob Tomkins, Tracy White and Peter Green

Matters arising
1. Tracy will ask for a copy of the ISG letter to neighbours and who it went it

2. Bank account changes
Tracy and Peter will meet Nancy at Lloyds Bank 14:30 Lloyds, Thursday 17 July. This will give three signatories – Nancy, Tracey and Peter

3. Annual report to SBC
Peter will produce one, send to Mark Walker, put on blog etc

Regents Circus Development
4. Traffic system
Meeting on  15 July at 10:00, with Stan Pajak, Tracy, Clare Agates (young mother), and Peter

Tracy will make FOI request for SBC’s consultation details.

5. Future impacts on traffic and parking
Tracy will raise with Stan on Tuesday, deliveries to Morrisons, parking etc, We will offer a public consultation meeting, eg ‘Meet the Officers’ event. SBC are sending Peter notification of new planning applications in the area.

6. Property damage meeting with lawyers, estate agents, etc
Wait until Tracy has the ISG letter, but most likely no meeting, but offer of helpful addresses – Richard James, Charles Harding, lawyers etc.

7.Rehoboth Chapel
Peter will ring Richard (chapel Deacon) for news.

ISG offer of help
9. Planting and raised beds
Tracy will check progress with Pete Creese. Sue Wigmore had suggested ‘Incredible Edible’  as a partner for the more difficult task of the Community Garden.

Future events
10.’Meet the Officials’ event before the summer break? – perhaps parking and roads

11. How SBC and Residents’ Groups should work and meeting of all the Central ones with SBC ask Stan.

12. Nancy asked that we support Yard Sale

13. Dover Street – minor annoyances over collections over plastic  Ashley will stick a leaflet through doors. And emergency blue sacks are plain not collecting!

14. Health watch meeting, we will offer to post items.

15. Graffiti wall and Dave’s request – perhaps a list of good examples of urban art on our Facebook page?

16. Litter pick idc

17. Nancy will start to research the lost shops of our patch, for a leaflet, web site, exhibition?

Peter Green
Back Garden

14 July 2014


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