Swindon Town Centre Localities Meeting – 26 June note of meeting

Tuesday 26th June 2012 at 6.00pm
At the Broad Green Community Centre, Main Hall.

1. Welcome and Introductions by Chair
2 Background to Localities
3. Town Centre Master plan update – Emma Gee
4. Update on the proposed Town Centre school
5. Parking review update
6. Locality Plan
7. Neighbourhood Partnership Priorities
8. Locality Fund
9. Future meetings
10.  Any Other Business


Thanks to Stuart Hibbert for this note of last night’s meeting

“There was much criticism about how the meeting was publicised … and they said they would give better notice next time.

  • At the meeting the Police priorities for the next three months were agreed.
  • The St. Joseph’s site has been recommended for the new two form entry school to be ready for September 2014 – the decision will be made at a cabinet meeting in July.
  • They will be extending the parking review to three new zones … and finalising what they have done in zones D and E up here
  • Some talk on Parish / Community councils and information will be sent out to residents groups in due course
  • Locality Funding
    This had three parts
    (a) £14,500 for community groups – up to £1,000 and looking for matched funding – will be decided by central ward councillors
    (b) £25,000 for road improvements – double yellow lines / pot holes / etc .. they want list of what people want
    (c) Swindon Commercial services are providing a number of additional days per month for each cluster as per
    1 day per month for tree works
    1 day for graffiti
    2 days for other street stuff – back alleys, etc..

In respect to the locality fund – we should draw up a list of things we would like the council to do … may be a walk around some evenings to see what should be done … so that we can provide them with a list and hopefully get things moving … but the days / money is for the whole of Eastcott and Central … so fairly thin !!!”


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