Consultation poll

Did the College developers consult you over their plans to create a new through route from Old to New Town? The route will make Prospect Place, Union Street, Prospect Hill, Swindon Road, Rolleston Street and Cross Street even noisier place at closing time.


2 responses to “Consultation poll

  1. consultation – did they get out of their ivory towers – naah
    the library exhibition – was that consultation …. I doubt it.

    would the planning people who are up for the ‘through route’ like to live on cross street or rolleston street – i very seriously doubt that too – unless of course they got a really good kick back to buy there and then i expect they’d rent it out to someone who could put up with the noise, the trash, the bad parking, not to mention the dealers selling their wares in the alley way.

    precedence was set donkey’s years ago with the college allowing pedestrian through traffic during the working day – 7 to 5pm – and then it was locked. Following on for the two years that it’s been allowed to become derelict – there is no access.

    if the council and developers want a through path, why isn’t it open right now? so keep it closed and let the punters walk either up/down victoria hill or eastcott hill which are the main routes to old town – that way they can get their kebab, pizza or curry rather than depositing pavement pizza down our streets.

    and do we really need another morrison’s in town?? waitrose might be a better idea for all.


  2. They’ve shown themselves to be the chancers they are if recent rumours prove to be true – that Ashfield’s partners on this project are in receivership. Can anyone confirm?

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