Parking, not simply finding a space, but also dealing with the effects of parking on pavements, for example if you have a buggy and children, affects most of us living in the Back Garden.

The Borough Council’s web site has parking information.

What are you concerns over parking?

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4 responses to “Parking

  1. Malcolm Morrison

    I have written (intermittently over a period of about 5 years!) to Councillors and officers about the inappropriate placing of double yellow lines around our area – but one gets bland replies and no action! If they spent less time discussing it and more doing it, people might be happier. (I am not sure where the”limited waiting bays” are – I am more concerned where parking is restricted where there is no good reason).

    The recent discussion has been a bout the yellow lines at the bottom of PH; I have been on about the ones at the top of PH (on the right)

  2. Scott Tarbet

    The limited waiting bays at the top of PH are a relic of the shops that occupied both corner plots. “Wear it Well” and “Mac Diy” ceased trading ten years ago.

    • Thanks Scott, I have asked Halcrow (they carried out the parking consultancy for the Council) if they considered why some streets had double yellow lines for no apparent reason, but so far no reply.

      • i understood that the yellow lines were there for safety measures for fire trucks – however i note that the last exercise for getting a fire truck up this street, PH, resulted in the fire tender trying to back down, and back down, and back down some more till they had to exit via rolleston st. and they never even made it to the top of PH or North Street that day.

        hi ho

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