Stagecoach depot noise issue – message from Stuart Hibbert

Regarding: Use of existing power washing equipment on the StageCoach site

Swindon Borough Council have distributed Notification of Application number S/10/1392. A proposal for the use of the existing power washing equipment (jet washers)

I have attached a copy of their updated ‘report’ for your information.

BackGround Papers-322129

We don’t have much time and it is really important that we are heard – the only way of doing that is to comment on this new consultation. So please do spend a few moments and submit your comments.

Below are some points which should help you in creating your response … but we only have a couple of days to get these comments in …

Points to help objectors
With reference to ʻThe additional Noise Measurement for Jetwashʼ Report (received by Swindon Borough Council on the 7th March 2011):

This new report fails to address residents previous comments and/or concerns submitted during the last consultation period (including a letter to the Director of Planning dated the 8th November 2010 from Alpha Acoustics). Therefore all of the original comments still stand.

The report fails to present an updated BS4142 (1997) assessment for the use of the Jetwash. However if the author did include one then we are likely to have seen levels of more than 30 dB(A) above the Councilʼs standard.

Below are additional comments about the report.

1. The report fails to mention the model numbers of the ʻoldʼ or ʻnewʼ Karcher Jetwash models.

2. Residents living close to the site have noted over the past couple of months the noise levels have increasing dramatically it can now be clearly heard indoors through closed double glazed windows.

3. In respect to noise levels – the figures quoted are the manufactures “Sound Pressure Level” not the “Sound Power Level”. Karcher produce a “Sound Power Level” that is in accordance with 2000/14/EEC regulations, and the findings are much more in line with the noise measurements stated in the first table of the report submitted.

4. The noise of water hitting the bus / tarmac is the main source of disturbance affecting residents.

5. The ‘second’ table in the report presents three columns – however two of the columns are entitled “Engine being washed” with different values attributed. Is this an error can you provide more clarification?

6. Is the ‘parking of buses along the site boundary’ to be taken seriously as a means of reducing the disturbance to the residence? How would this be regulated? The residence request significantly more information as to how this could be maintained. ‘Will the Jetwash only be used when there ‘x’ buses parked up to provide a suitable noise barrier?’

7. The site has never received “Council Approval” in terms of planning permission – instead there is a historical use of land – for which conditions have subsequently been applied to try and regulate some practices on the site. The ‘advent’ of jet washes is fairly recent – therefore as suggested it is not part of the historical use.

8. The condition restricting the use of the Jetwash was as a result of application S/06/2632 which was in respect to the extension of hours of the Static Bus Wash, not the chassis wash as the author suggests in the report. The conditions were applied following negotiations with Stagecoach in accordance to the officers report at the time. However, if Stagecoach felt that the conditions were unfair to them – then they should have “Appealed”.

If you wish to voice your objection use the web address

or send a letter to Planning & Transport, Wat Tyler House, Beckington Street, Swindon SN1 2JH
or email

For further details please call Tom Buxton on 01793 466240

Note: Closing date 8th April 2011.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email (, or give me a call on 01793 524020.

Kind regards
Stuart Hibbert


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