Briefing meeting on Parishes proposal by the Council

Community Governance Review “Parishes proposal” briefing
Tuesday 12 January, Beehive Pub, 19.00

Note of meeting

Michael Boon
Paul Dixon (Eastcott Councillor)
Colin Doubleday (representing Pipers Way Residents Association)
Martha Parry (representing Swindon Civic Voice)
Alison Onlsow
Martin Newman
Jane Williams (representing Kinghsill Residents Association)
Mark Walker (Swindon Borough Council)
Peter Green (Chair, Back Garden)

1. The purpose of the meeting was to be briefed by Mark Walker, Locality Lead, Swindon Borough Council on plans for creating a parish or parishes for the remaining un-parished parts of Swindon. This is the town centre and westward between Haydon Wick Parish and Wroughton Parish.

2. The meeting was to learn, not to debate.

3. Mark gave the background to the Review. They are regular ones, the last was three years ago. Reviews are a statutory obligation. Information about it is on the Council web site at <>.

4. The Review can consider new Parishes and their boundaries. The previous Review led to the creation of Nythe parish.

5. The Council will end the Review process in December 2016. Between now and then there are intermediate stages for consultation and input by interested bodies and individuals.

6. The time table is:

  • Stage 1
    Until 30 March – comments in writing
  • Stage 2
    By 30 June – creation of draft proposals
  • Stage 3
    Until 16 September – consultation on the draft recommendations
  • Stage 4
    Until 1 November – Council officials will collate responses and a prepare a report for Council.

7. In February the Council will circulate a one-off issue of its newspaper to all residents, explain the process and inviting comments.

8. The Council will use the Adver etc to communicate with residents. A special Locality Meeting will be held in February to discuss the topic.

9. Comments and queries can be made to:

  • Paula Harrison
    Locality Lead East/West
    Swindon Borough Council
    Wat Tyler East
    Beckhampton Street

Roles of Parishes
10. Parishes can manage some of the current activities of the Borough Council, for example street cleaning, maintaining parks.

Parish Councillors
11. Parish Councils consist of unpaid Councillors who may be required to stand for election. Nythe Parish Council consist of the Ward Councillors, because there were no other candidates for Parish Councillors

More information
12. The National Association of Local Councils has published a leaflet on local councils it can be downloaded at <>.

Peter Green
Back Garden Group

14 January 2016