Greening Eastcott – Refurbishment of the Western/Prospect General Development Area planting

Text of letter to Swindon Borough Council

“Refurbishment of the Western/Prospect General Development Area planting

As you know we have carried out a survey of planting issues across Eastcott. I will write to you regarding the other two – mature roadside trees and the Savernake Halls surroundings – in due course, but first here is a note on the refurbishment of the planting in the Development Area of the early 1990s.

There are eight missing trees that need replacing. All have either their tree grids in situ or their location marked with a tarmac patch, where the grid was.

Back Garden proposes that it replaces these trees and that it carries out all necessary work under Council supervision. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust have offered to provide trees at no cost. We would expect that SBC would want to agree the species to be planted.

For your records I attach a list of existing and missing trees. We have not included the Community Garden on Swindon Road and the raised beds on Rolleston Street and Swindon Road, which also require action, since this is longer–term, however we would be pleased to discuss options for these with SBC.

Can we fix a meeting before Christmas with you and appropriate colleagues to progress this?”


Inventory of all trees and tree sites WesternProspect Trees


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