New Back Garden Committee, April 2013

The AGM was held at the Castle Pub on Saturday 6 April.

Those attending were, Claire Kingston, Ashley Heath, Nancy Heath, Rob Tomkins, Peter Gallagher, Dave Wood, Nicky Sewell, Stuart Hibbert, Tom Blake (and Arlo), Scott Tarbet and Peter Green. Apologies were received from Emma Bushell.

Peter Green and Sue Wigmore retired from their posts as Chair and Treasurer. A new Committee was elected as:

Chair – Ashley Heath

Vice Chair – Claire Kingston

Treasurer – Stuart Hibbert

Planning Liaison – Peter Gallagher

Committee members – Scott Tarbet, Nancy Heath, Rob Tomkins, Emma Bushell and Peter Green.

The question of newsletters, the resources to produce and distribute was discussed and it was agreed to consider alternatives to support Back Garden’s original electronic media – notice boars in pubs and shops, for example.

Ashely asked for ideas for the next open meeting and concerns over fly-tipping and recycling were agreed as priorities.

Peter Green asked Dave and Nicky to take up the issue of Council CCTV not being available to support the Police in gathering information for prosecutions over drug dealing, but were being used to fine drivers in bus lanes.


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