Your concerns

We’re happy to get feed back by comments on the blog or by email, but if you wish you can also use these simple polls to tell us what you like best about the area and to indicate your priorities regarding problem.


2 responses to “Your concerns

  1. Scott Tarbet

    Nice work guys. Up and running in no time.
    I’ll speak to Flicky soon re: HGVs.
    Hopefully we can use this forum for achievable projects/aims. My personal favorite would be the reinstatement of suitably matured trees, to the pavement planter holes that are currently yielding the annual crop of tarmac and bin bags. This got nowhere when I took this to the Councils amenities dept a few years ago. Ah well.

  2. Another year passes and again the council grit all around Western Street but not in it. I took a Panorama photo of Prospect Hill, Western Street and Dover/Swindon Street. Western Street looked like it had been superimposed on, as it looks as if it has its own micro-climate.

    If they can’t fit their gritter van down Western Street, why not get a few guys out with shovels? Swindon Council can’t be bothered.


    p.s. I used dishwasher salt to do the bottom os Western Street earlier, as the supplied grit box is full of cans and bottles and stinks of urine.

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