Monthly Archives: May 2011

Residents’ concerns from the ‘Officials Meeting’ last night

The meeting at The Globe pub identified these issues, some of which have been around for several years others are new. They have been passed on to Councillors and Officials.

1. Are there any plans to dispose of the Stage Coach site?
2. The fly-tipping etc in the alley between Rolleston Street and Victoria Road.
3. The fly-tipping etc in the alley behind North Street.
4. Waste and recycling being put out several days in advance of collection.
5. Traffic speeds on Eastcott Road.
6. The College site (maybe the biggest bit of fly-tipping in Swindon).
7. Young people hanging around street corners drinking and fighting.
8. Too many irrelevant double yellow lines.
9. Residents unable to use the Prospect Car Park in lieu of street parking.


‘Official’ meeting tonight

Quiz Council officials and local politicians over issues that affect you at our second informal ‘Official’ meeting, this time at The Globe, Eastcott Road, from 7-9pm tonight.