Latest news from the developer

Following Swindon Borough Council resolving to grant permission in October last year we are pleased to confirm that the planning legal agreements were signed and the planning permission issued in last month. Now that we have formal consent we shall now be undertaking a number of further required studies, including bat surveys and so forth, prior to demolition and scheme commencement. It is anticipated that we will therefore be in site later on this year.

The development will comprise a foodstore, all digital multiplex cinema and 8 high quality restaurants. Morrisons are to operate the foodstore. Deals are agreed with the UK’s leading cinema operator and similarly we have deals agreed on a number of the restaurant units to the better national restaurant companies. Commercial sensitivity prevents me revealing the operators at this stage although we hope to be able to make some exciting announcements very soon. I should also point out that the former technical college is to be retained and it is proposed that the building will be converted into offices.

As I have mentioned above once the further studies are complete we hope to be on site later in the year when we can commence the regeneration of this key town centre site. We have been very encouraged by the level of interest the scheme has received from the leisure sector and we are looking forward to developing out what will be a high quality scheme for the town which we hope will also act as a major catalyst for further regeneration going forward.

James Digby
Ashfield Land


4 responses to “Latest news from the developer

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  2. Tony Hillier

    “going forward” – so that’s alright then !

    Technical college – he does mean the Victorian building I presume … please

    so they are bat counting and ‘on site’ later this year … umm

    no mention of demolition date



  3. Its nice that they’ve spoken – but the ‘latest’ news is exactly the same as it was two years ago (excepting the bats, and the downgrading of the supermarket to a Morrisons). I guess we can expect no further activity for another year. I wonder when the next bit of ‘news’ we get actually turns out to BE ‘new’?

    As for the bats, if they’d kept the place properly secure, then the pikeys wouldn’t have broken in and trashed the roof and smashed out all of the glass, and the bats wouldn’t have got in!

    At least Mr Digby sounds nicer than the geezer with the perma-tan who seemed to be trying to pass the blame for delays onto the local residents.

  4. Malcolm Morrison

    About time!
    But what’s new? We knew all this ages ago!
    What’s the betting that they will find bats – or some other protected species? So that will then put up the cost! If SBC had insisted on early action, the bats would not have had tiome to nest!!!
    Malcolm Morrison

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