Note of Interim Committee Meeting 17 November 2011

Peter Green – Chair
Scott Tarbet – Vice-Chair
Sue Rischmiller – Treasurer
Stuart Hibbert – Street Rep
Nancy Heath – Street Rep
Tamlan Dipper – Street Rep
Ashley Heath – Resident (non-voting)

Peter welcomed the latest Street Rep Tamlan Dipper, Brunswick Street.

Peter, Stuart and Scott gave the history of Back Garden’s offer of help to the ECC, following its appeal for help in the summer, when it claimed to be about to close down due to lack of support.

The Committee noted that the proposal for collaboration agreed at the joint meeting with the ECC in September had been ignored and that the new proposal from Peter Gallagher was at odds with it.

The Committee noted with sadness that the ECC had barred some Back Garden members from its last meeting and was refusing to pass any information on about its officers and structure.

Peter reported on discussions with Swindon Borough Council over funding of Back Garden (till now funded by Malcolm Morrison and himself) and the constitution that had been created with the advice of the Counil that would allow for an admin grant to be sought from January/February. The constitution described Back Garden’s area of interest as Ashford Road-Victoria Road and Bath Road to Edmund/Cross/Dixon Street.

The Committee agreed that specific organisations and bureaucracy were not important, the fundamental need was for the residents of the area from Ashford Road to Victoria Road to be supported and encouraged to work on their own or with stakeholders to enhance the quality of their environment in the widest possible sense.

The Committee unanimously rejected the proposal from the ECC, but invited them to attend Back Garden events, especially the Environmental Planning meeting on 7 December. ACTION: Peter will email Peter Gallagher with the committee’s decision.

Peter briefed the committee on the objective behind this which was to create a structure against which coordinated action and fund raising could be undertaken.

He explained that invitations to attend the event had gone to Kingshill and Queens Park residents associations and to the Radnor Street Cemetery association, plus all other stakeholders.

Scott agreed to use his contacts to see if the Friends Meeting House might be available free of charge for the Hustings Meeting on Monday 16 April. ACTION: Scott

It was agreed to hold an informal Christmas Party, possibly at the Castle on Friday 16 December, people to bring food to share. Peter will talk to Tina at the Castle over this. ACTION: Peter to talk to Tina

Nancy reported on an approach from residents around Hythe Road for back Garden to organise an alley clean up in their area. It was agreed that Scott, Ashley and Peter will do a recce on Saturday 25 November. Meet at Scott’s at 11.00. The group would also look at the Community Garden and talk to residents on Swindon Road at the same time. A date in January was suggested for the clean-up subject to Council being able to provide equipment and collection of waste. ACTION; Peter to talk to SBC

It was agreed that Back Garden should support an appropriate charity (eg a collection at the Christmas Party?). TWIGS was suggested.

Stuart suggested that the ‘Back Garden Back Then’ exhibition should be offered to King William Street school for a month’s display, from February when the Beehive show was over. ACTION: Stuart

Scott confirmed that his employer was happy to provide some support for King William Street schools toilets on the sports ground. ACTION: peter will remind the school.

There was a brief discussion over board games and a board game evening as a social event (possibly February). ACTION: Peter will see when Andy Marcer has a free evening.

Ashley raised the question of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was agreed that Back Garden would support this. One immediate need would be tables for street parties. Peter will talk to Swindon Council over these. ACTION: Peter

This note has been circulated to those attending; the Interim Committee; Swindon Borough Council; and local stakeholders. It will also be added to our blog, under the About us section.

Peter Green
07866 727141
Interim Chairman


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