Objection to change of use – Duke of Wellington Pub

Tom Buxton
Planning Officer
Swindon Borough Council
Wat Tyler House
Beckhampton Street

11 September 2011

Dear Mr Buxton

S/11/1170 – Proposed Change of Use of “Duke of Wellington” and conversion to bedsits and apartments

Eastcott Community Council objects to this planning application on the grounds that it would result in the permanent loss of a community facility, a public house, contrary to Policy CF6 of the Swindon Borough Local Plan 2011.

While there are other pubs in the vicinity, we note that the nearest alternative, “The George”, is also closed at present.    The applicant has not provided any publicly available evidence that the pub is no longer economically viable or that they have attempted to market it in its existing use – they appear to rely on generalised comments about the state of the pub trade nationally.

We also believe that the alternative use proposed by the applicants, namely bedsits, will not provide any benefit to the area.    While recognising that there is some need for this type of accommodation we believe that this form of housing is already over-provided for within Eastcott.

Yours sincerely

Peter Gallagher
on behalf of Eastcott Community Council


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