Note of the Extra-ordinary general meeting, 22 February

A new committee was elected;

  • Tracey White – Chair
  • Nancy Heath – Treasurer
  • Peter Green – Secretary
  • Committee members are  Rob Tomkins, Alison Onslow, Sue Wigmore and Ashley Heath.

The full note of the meeting is:

Back Garden Extraordinary General Meeting
12.15 The Castle Pub, Saturday 22 February, 2014

Note of the meeting

1. Stuart Hibbert, Stan Pajak (Councillor), Tracey White, Robert Buckland MP, Rob Tomkins, Alison Onslow, Sue Wigmore, Ashley Heath, Nancy Heath and Peter Green

2. Mark Walker (SBC), Dave Wood (Councillor), Nicky Sewell (Councillor), Peter Gallagher

Business Meeting
3. The Extraordinary Meeting was called by the following as required by Back Garden’s Constitution when the Committee ceased to be quorate in January 2014.

Peter Green (Prospect Hill),
Rob Tomkins (Savernake Street),
Detlef Jenkins (Prospect Hill),
Tracey White (Prospect Hill),
Scott Tarbett (Western Street),
Sue Wigmore (Prospect Hill),
Claire Hibbert (South Street),
Toby Robson (Prospect Hill) and
Alison Onslow (Eastcott Road)

4. Elections for the Executive Committee were held as:
Chair – Tracey White
Vice–Chair – no candidate and left vacant until further notice
Secretary – Peter Green
Treasurer – Nancy Heath

Ordinary committee members, the committee can have three or more members
Rob Tomkins
Alison Onslow
Sue Wigmore
Ashley Heath

3. Annual Report
The annual report was approved.

4. Financial Report
The bank account has a balance of £852.29 with no commitments.

4. Review future activity
There was a general discussion regarding activities and funding, that highlighted the issues around the delivery of newsletters. It was suggested that asking other local groups – political and social – to carry pieces about Back Garden activities would be helpful, as would suing the Adver’s local news feature. There was a request to make the Facebook Group open to non-Facebook users. The Secretary will look into this.

Future actions were identified as: Regent Circus subsidence meeting with all stakeholders; waste collection meeting with SBC; parking on pavement; litter clean-ups.

Robert Buckland would host/chair a public meeting on the Regent Circus subsidence at SBC; Back Garden will provide the text for the invitation and suggestion of invitees; and Stan Pajak would secure a meeting room at SBC. This should be as soon as possible.

Dave Wood’s (Councillor) efforts to arrange a meeting with SBC waste staff would be supported and if possible held as a Back Garden meeting.

Parking on pavements and access to narrow streets for emergency vehicles etc, and litter picks were possible activities for later in the year.

5. AOB

Peter Green

Back Garden Residents Group
01793 251100


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