The College

At last there’s a plan to demolish the decaying eyesore that once gave life and colour to the area. There are though concerns that once redeveloped the site will bring more noise, litter and opportunist crime to the roads in the Back Garden that link New Town and Old Town.

College redevelopment

Developer's picture

Edmund Street, Rolleston Street, Cross Street, Prospect Hill, Prospect Place, Union Street and Stanley Street are possible those that will be most affected, The developers Ashfield Land have described their objective as, “We’re trying to create something that is a destination…. it’s got food retail, leisure and cinema”. Swindon Web has a description of the plans and artist’s impressions.

Local Councillor Dave Wood and Back Garden’s Prospect Hill Street representative Toby Robson are leading a campaign to make the development resident-friendly.

They can be reached at Dave Wood or Toby Robson


4 responses to “The College

  1. The LibDems’ petitionCross Street seems to have been left out of the LibDems petition effort. Can petitions be pushed through doors there and if not already Edmund Street, Rolleston Street, Union Street and Prospect Place?

  2. CllrDaveWood

    Hi there,

    I checked with the team and the Chair of the Swindon Liberal Democrats personally knocked on every door on Cross Street.

    If anyone needs one let me know and I’ll send it to them.

    Speak soon,

  3. Scott Tarbet

    An interesting link for those that have serious concerns with the College redevelopment.
    CABE are the government advisory body on matters of architecture and development.
    Their critique of the current proposal is even less encouraging than that of the 2007 plan.
    It can be found here:

  4. Scott Tarbet

    The planning application for the site has now been submitted to the Councils planning department.
    The application ref is 10/0846 for those that wish to view is as it stands.
    The planning officer handling the case is Miss Rachel Adams, and can be contacted on the phone on 01793 466012 or by email at
    I hope we can provide her with enough local feedback to influence this project in a positive way.

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