Back Garden and Eastcott Community Council: a way forward

Following a publically announced meeting, representatives of Back Garden and the Eastcott Community Council met at ‘The Castle’, North Street, last night to discuss the future of both organisations following the extraordinary general meeting of the Community Council held on 13 September to discuss its closure.

It was not clear to the meeting if the Community Council had ceased to operate or to what body representing the Community Council any proposals should be made.

Six principles were agreed as providing a way to go forward:

  • the knowledge and experience of the Eastcott Community Council must be retained within any new structure
  • Back Garden should extend its network to the west of Eastcott Hill
  • the Eastcott Community Council should cease operating
  • a new formal identity with the working title of ‘Eastcott Forum’ should be created to deliver Back Garden and all other appropriate activities in the area bounded by Bath Road, Victoria Road, Cross Street, Edmund Street, Dixon Street and Ashford Road
  • the new formal identity should be required to have one formal meeting a year, but other meetings would be convened if appropriate
  • the new formal identity should be free of any political or third party control and all official positions in it will be subject to election.

This proposal will be widely circulated to all stakeholders, if there is no objection within a reasonable date, suggested as being mid–October, the new structure will be put in place, with a public meeting.


One response to “Back Garden and Eastcott Community Council: a way forward

  1. Malcolm Morrison

    I am all in favour of these six principles

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