‘Swindon’s Back Garden’ is a network that provides access to information about living in the area between Ashford Road and Victoria Hill, and between the top and bottom of Old Town Hill.

By sharing news of the good and bad things that affect our lives we hope to make it easier for individuals or groups to see how their concerns are mirrored in the surrounding streets. And if action is required, how results can be maximised by spreading effort, whether by Swindon Borough Council, the utilities, the Police, emergency services, other community groups or local media.

‘Swindon’s Back Garden’ is not an agency of the Council or of any political party.

We share information impartially.

‘Back Garden’ operates via electronic media mainly. We make those media open to all to use and provide comments. We reserve the right to remove any information that we believe is not decent or is dishonest or which could bring this, one of the best places to live in Swindon, into disrepute.

The ‘Back Gardeners’ welcome offers of help of any kind. An immediate way that you could help is by becoming a street representative. Street Reps will be a point of contact in a digital world providing, for example information on issues like recycling and waste collection schedules for the street via Facebook, the Back Garden blog, Talk Swindon and the Old Town feature in the Adver.

Peter Green
Telephone answer service at 01793 251125


2 responses to “About

  1. cathy mundy

    i live in elstree way abbeymeads swindon and im concerened about the state of the bushes and trees that are planted down my street the bushes are overgrown and hanging into the street the branches of the trees are dangling and you have to duck when your walking along the pavement which because children walk and run on that path because theres a school near by.im worried there going to hurt themselves also the drains are blocked in the road by weeds please could you look into this please.
    mrs cathy mundy.

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