Savernake Hall meeting Thursday 23 February

There will be an open meeting to discuss the Council’s plans for Savernake Street Hall on Thursday 23 February, starting at 18:00 hrs.

The Council are intending to transfer management of the hall to the Swindon Tamil Association from 1 April 2012. If you have any questions or objections you should contact Mark Feeny, Swindon Borough Council, 01793 466503

The President of the Tamil Association, Ram Thiagarajah, can be reached by email at

There’s more information about the Hall on the Council web site.


3 responses to “Savernake Hall meeting Thursday 23 February

  1. Who currently manages the hall? Is it SBC ducking – I mean ‘devolving’ the management of the hall?

    And whilst I have nothing against our local tamil population, why them? How would a body have gone about bidding for future management? When and where was this opportunity posted or discussed with the community?

  2. Hiya all,

    Just catching up on emails – have read recent correspondence within Back Garden and have received a copy of Stan’s note (not through the Focus team?)

    I think Stans Pajak’s concerns (in the letter which has just gone door-to-door) rather match my own – but that said, Peters requested some clarifications will at least make the agenda for a proposed meeting a little clearer to all.

    I am especially concerned that this provides yet another (if any further evidence was really needed!) of the near total failure of the so-called ‘community and engagement’ programme. There appears to have been none at all once again (just as there was none regarding the residents of the wider area surrounding Regents Circus etc.)

    As for the Tamil Association itself, you can find out more here:

    A quick internet search also reveals Mr Thiagarajah is ‘rather well connected’ with the local business community, as well as a winner of a Pride of Swindon award, and the Rotary. Now, at this stage, I have no reason to believe he has any direct political connections, but the unseemly way in which once again SBC have delivered this as a ‘done deal’ to the community might have a cynic wondering whether there might be just the merest hint of vote jerrymandering for the Tamil community (where are most to be found within Swindon?) or potential mutual back-scratching going on. Better to address this and clear it up.

    Openness of the process is key here – and it appears that decisions regarding the future management of a ‘community’ hall ought least to involve the wider local community. Neighbours have already asked questions regarding the future secular nature of a ‘community hall’ if it becomes managed by a distinct ethic minority group (as defined by themselves)

    I will be pushing for this to be rejected as a fait-accompli not on any grounds of prejudice against Mr Thiagarajah, but rather so that the community can have a proper say and the opportunity to manage the hall can be put out to open tender. If he and the Tamil Association win on the credit of their application, then all well and good.

    Toby Robson

  3. Toby

    I think that you will find that the “door to door” letter was not sent out by Stan Pajak but by concerned local residents that had found out (by hearsay) what was going on. Stan only found out about this when he was contacted by a concered group that currently use the hall.


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