Early notice – Environmental planning meeting Wednesday 7 December

At the Beehive Pub, Prospect Hill from 7pm.

The object of the meeting is to start to create an environmental plan so that the efforts of individual residents can be maximised and that this part of Swindon continues to be a great place in which to live and work in the future.

Back Garden believes that there is potential for

  • improving the street landscape with new planting
  • community involvement in the maintenance of green spaces
  • promoting energy efficiency
  • renewable energy sources
  • transport changes
  • extra recycling schemes for example for composting and better use of food wastes
  • improving the area’s potential for wildlife
  • educational activity around green issues

Back Garden has invited environmental organisations and Swindon Borough Council to attend and help plan for a Green future.


One response to “Early notice – Environmental planning meeting Wednesday 7 December

  1. Paul Dixon

    Pete, good meeting tonight, lots of ideas to follow up on, I will find some other links for you, however Energy Saving Trust is a good starting point for all things related to energy in the home, some good links to other advice as well http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/

    here’s the Swindon Climate Action Network website as well http://www.swindonclimate.org.uk/ let me know if you want the contact details of a real person, they are interested, you will see they promoted the event tonight .

    regards Paul

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