More good news – trees!

The scheme to make the narrow roads less hospital to large vehicles included signs, additional residents parking bays at the entrance to the streets and replacing missing trees. Back Garden hopes to announce a wider ‘Greening of the Back Garden’ scheme in a few weeks, but the Council have now suggested the species to place at the bottom of Prospect Hill. There are two gaps to be filled and  the Council suggests we use the same species for both. The suggested species  are:
  • Aucuba japonica
  • Elaegnus ebbingei
  • Elaegnus pungens
  • Escallonia
  • Prunus lusitanica Variegata
  • Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia

Which tree would you like to see at the Cross Street-Prospect Hill corner? As ever please email or add a comment here. Back Garden will be organising a whip round to pay for these trees. Offers of money of any amount can be emailed immediately to:

Prunus laurocerasus

Prunus lusitanica Variegata


Elaeagnus pungens

Elaegnus ebbingei

Aucuba japonica - spotted laurel


2 responses to “More good news – trees!

  1. Swindon Council have agreed to plant two small Alders similar to the ones at the top of the Hill. A picture is on the Swindon Back Garden Facebook page.

  2. When dealing with Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) and its derivatives please remember that the leaves contain cyanide and that, theoretically, it should not be breathed in. It will be released, however, when cutting the leaves during pruning and even more so if anyone chips or shreds the leaves and branches.

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