College roof lead thefts puzzle

Lead appears to continue to be taken off the roof of the College building that fronts Victoria Road, but sadly nobody seems concerned.

The matter has been reported to the Developers and the Police.


One response to “College roof lead thefts puzzle

  1. The ‘security’ at the college site is a standing joke: The toothless (and very rude) old guy who lounges in his van on the odd occasional he is actually onsite, is about as intimidating or physically or mentally capable as an old chihuahua. His main preoccupation seems to be ensuring that there’s nobody around onsite when the next couch/limo load of potential investors come to tour the site.

    A classic example of the carelessness which Ashfield place on the site is the missing hoardings around the rear of the site. That fence has had gaping holes in it for more than 18 months now. The geriatric ‘security’ guards attempts have been to lash some of the boards together using some old electrical wire – I kid you not. Go and have a look down past the Beehive!

    Given the number of fire brigade and police call outs, SBC and the local authorities really ought to start charging Ashfield, as the lack of security boarders on neglect of their duty of care, in my opinion.

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