Eastcott Community Council

Back Garden offered its support to the Eastcott Community Council at a meeting last night. The ECC is facing closure due to a perceived lack of interest. It was agreed that there was scope for the Back Garden’s network approach to be extended to all of Eastcott and that the commitment and knowledge of the current ECC activists must not be lost. The model we discussed was for a merger.

The ECC will discuss this at their meeting on 13 September.

The ECC have issued this appeal.
Aug-Sept 2011.ppp pt2


One response to “Eastcott Community Council

  1. Tony Hillier

    Dear Eastcott and Back Garden

    I have worked in community work for nearly forty years personally and professionally.

    To explore a merger sounds to me the right road to travel.

    Community groups need not assist “the Establishment” by ‘dividing and ruling ourselves’ – all our time, energies and expertise is needed to get local voices clarified and heard, acted upon by ourselves and ‘them’ and held accountable.

    Best wishes

    Tony Hillier
    Brunswick Street

    07762 649390

    (copy left)

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