Double Yellow line campaign gets support from LibDems

Unfortunately their leaflet pushed through doors on a Saturday night (heh guys get a life!) has no email address to reply to. Back Garden suggests you send thoughts on all traffic problems to Dave Wood

It is still good to have our LIbDem Councillors on board, if only over part of, our campaign over traffic and roads in the Back Garden. Let’s hope they change their mind over the lorry problem (official Lib Dem line is that it’s not a problem) and will support us over the Swindon Road-Cross Street rat run as well. Back Garden will be continue to push them for support over all the issues that affect all of the Back Garden.

No response from the other parties locally, though for the record Peter Greenhalgh (Conservative West Swindon) is still the most active Councillor over this issue.


3 responses to “Double Yellow line campaign gets support from LibDems

  1. Just for the record, there is an email address on the survey form. It’s also not our policy that there is no lorry problem 😉

  2. San Pajak and Dave Wood have agreed to meet residents over their wider concerns regarding traffic in the Back Garden. The meeting will be this Thursday, 24 February at 19.00 in the bottom bar of the Beehive, Prospect Hill.

  3. Mark Walker has emailed.

    Dear all, thank you for the enquiries, the latest position is that Eastcott CC are still completing surveys, we were hoping these would be completed last week, I am awaiting confirmation.

    Once we have confirmation then we will be able to meet with all of those involved to talk through their views comments they have received from their neighbours, see which are achievable and arrange an open day thereafter to display the plans.

    I would hope we can meet towards the end of this month and have an open day in Mid March and thereafter work out a plan to begin delivering the changes.

    I hope this explains the current situation.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Walker (
    Policy and Regeneration Manager
    Town Centre Cluster Lead
    Swindon Borough Council

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