Planning Committee meeting 12 October

Dear fellow residents,

On Tuesday the planning committee will accept – or throw out – the development which is set to replace the crumbling former Swindon College site at Regent Circus.

Included in the plans are:
– A 9 screen cinema
– A Morrisons
– Bars and restaurants (meant to be ‘high end’ ones)
– Offices in the redbrick former College building

The architects watchdog has savaged the scheme for being architecturally not great.

My job is to represent you.  So I am asking as many people as possible their views in advance of the planning committee.

Could you tell me which option you prefer?

Option 1 – It’s not a perfect scheme, but develop it now anyway.

Option 2 – Reject.  Hold out for a better scheme.  This may take 3-5 year or longer.

If you could let me know your views I would be grateful.

Kind regards,
Dave Wood
Councillor for Eastcott ward
PS – A number of residents are organising to lobby on behalf of the Gate Campaign to stop a night time access route through the site.  If you’d like to find out more let me know and I will pass your details on.


One response to “Planning Committee meeting 12 October

  1. kate parsons

    I think the current proposal should be rejected. It makes no sense to adopt a flawed scheme, that appears not to meet the needs of the town, immediate vicinity nor reflects architectural, historical or cultural character, just because it’s been offered. The town deserves and needs a better, less generic, more considered solution. The first plans were criticised by CABE over 7 or 8 years ago, the job was retendered with the proviso that new plans re-used the (paid for) originally rejected plan (I know someone at CABE)… in the intervening time it looks like nothing better has been devised. If we’ve waited already over 7 years I think we can wait another 3-5 years if it means getting it right (for once!)

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