Communication is rubbish

Communication requires two parties.

Sadly too often Swindon Council officials treat residents as an annoyance.We seem to get in the way of doing their jobs.

The latest example is Western Street, where rubbish was not collected on its normal day, Friday. Various unlikely stories have come out of the Council in response to residents asking for action – it was put out late (The whole Street?); it was reported too late (?), but the bottom line is that today, Wednesday the rubbish is still on the street.

We can not connect people to places unless Council officials give the initiative their support.


One response to “Communication is rubbish

  1. Mike Cullingford

    Well it’s good to see that the irritating residents are following the rules set out by the council, namely placing the rubbish out on the right day and indeed the correct “Blue” bags!

    I wonder, if we receive a reduced service are we in a position to pay a percentage of our rates in line with the service received?

    Given the point that the bags are in the street and likely to be ravaged by cats and dogs whos responsibilty will it be to clear up?

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