“More younger councillors needed, says Lib Dem” Swindon Advertiser

THE LIBERAL Democrat group on Swindon council have hit out at their political opponents saying they should attract more younger councillors.

The Lib Dems say the council has missed the boat by failing to put forward any changes to the council’s make-up to the Boundary Commission this month, which they believe would help to attract younger councillors.

At a meeting of a special committee last week the council responded to a consultation by the Local Government Boundary Commission on how many councillors there should be in the town. The committee voted that the current number of 59 councillors should be retained.



2 responses to ““More younger councillors needed, says Lib Dem” Swindon Advertiser

  1. Younger councillors would be an excellent idea – as would encouraging more independents and people who haven’t been weened by having served long ‘apprenticeships’ within their local parties. I’ve always felt that meant that we ended up with party representatives rather than representatives from and of the local community

  2. chriswatts1967

    I would also agree, but the I would imagine that the problem is trying to juggle councillor duties whilst working and bringing up a family. I suppose this is why you see councillors of a certain age. The younger councillors in the chamber tend to be self employed and are more flexible with time management.

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