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If you remember back to June, I being the cool young person I am, came up with a set of 5 aims by the pool of a Turkish hotel, of which to complete by the time I leave this job (–six weeks and counting). Number three last week moved that little bit closer to realisation:

“3. A community council for the residents of Kingshill/Western. Who are currently somewhat isolated from Eastcott or the struggling Railway Village CC.”

On Tuesday the 31st August, those who live on and the streets around Kingshill are more than welcome to come to a meeting at the Central Community Centre 7-9pm, to discuss the setting up of a resident’s group. So far this is being led by a resident called Nicky Sewell, and a lovely resident she is too. People in the are will hopefully receive an invitation this week, but you’ve been invited here too. So far the aims of the organisation are looking like being:

– Local information sharing, networking and issue-raising, to incorporate Neighbourhood Watch, Neighbourhood Policing Team, Councillor and Council input, etc.
– Lobbying/campaigning remit on issues effecting the area
– Encourage local residents to “Become better neighbours” – I know the Queens Park Community Council do Christmas hampers for the older residents/those in need, so maybe that, along with maybe free skill sharing/swapping/exchanging (e.g. less mobile neighbour needs help with the garden occasionally, use of local action teams to help them and others).
– Increase sense of community cohesion through safe and clean days, maybe street parties/picnics/open gardens etc.

We hope to discuss plans for this further at the meeting in a fortnight’s time, and so it remains to a case of hoping to see you there…

One such group further down the line is the newly created Swindon Back Garden, who had their press launch this week with the Swindon Advertiser and BBC Wiltshire Radio in attendance. The group were on top form, though I could only manage a couple of mumbled answers and a sound-bite as per usual.

Still. That’s two new community forums and I think one emphatic tick off for Aim #3.

Also this week was the annual Broadgreen Fun Day which came with its excellent timing. I’ve been meaning to do some more work in the area for a couple of weeks, and suddenly I had the whole community under the roof–excellent for making links and following up on resident’s problems. After so many times of bumping into him it was also good to have the chance to have a real chat with our MP, Robert Buckland. Though we were there to try and push a new scheme called Street Champions–think neighbourhood watch but for Streetsmart. Though we didn’t get much of a response so, this might need a little rethink…All in all, and despite the brilliant British Weather, I think people had a good day. I know the little boy who won a teddy almost as big as himself definitely did. Now, I’m not exactly a sentimental chap, but that made me smile a dopey smile.

And that, I think will do.


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